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I'm Chris Rimmer, a year old Software Engineer who studied Computer Science at the University of East Anglia (UEA)


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Speech & Language Therapy in West Suffolk


Key Skills

  • Programming Languages:
    • Experienced:
      • Java (1.7, 1.8, Play Framework, Hibernate, Ebean, jOOQ)
      • PHP 5.3+
      • HTML & CSS (bootstrap, foundation)
    • Some Experience: Python (Cement, Flask), C++, C# (on Windows Phone)
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, IBM DB2, Teradata
  • Techniques & Technologies:
    • RESTful API Design
    • Scalable web services
    • Cloud based service design & development
  • Services: Amazon Web Services (RDS, EC2, CF, ASG, ELB, S3), Datadog
  • Development Tools: Git, SVN, Jenkins, SBT
  • Server Software: Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Apache, Nginx


RhythmOne (July 2015 – Present)

I took on the role as Engineering Team Lead of the Content Services team consisting of three people (including myself). My main focus as team lead is managing the development of the content platform for RhythmOne.

blinkx (July 2012 – July 2015)

Software Engineer - The main API developer for the blinkx ecosystem, this API powers blinkx.com, partner websites and many other blinkx services. This requires high performance code that can scale to millions of requests per hour. This API is built using modern OO PHP 5 integrating with all areas of the blinkx back-end. This includes MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, proprietary search technology and other services to provide a fast highly scalable application. This was written from scratch mostly by me for a complete rewrite of the blinkx ecosystem. This required managing the migration and decommissioning of the legacy blinkx API, including the creation of a response emulation layer, as part of the new API but replicating the response format of the legacy API for partner applications outside of our control.

I also led the design & development process of a RESTful API to manage the blinkx content index, which contains the metadata of tens of millions of videos and various metadata surrounding that. This required me to design the interface allowing easy CRUD management of the content index, using RESTful principles. This was developed using Java 1.8 in conjunction with the Play Framework.

During my time at blinkx we moved our infrastructure from our own colo to the cloud using AWS (Amazon Web Services). This required me to re-architect parts of our back-end infrastructure to be cloud ready, making use of auto-scaling to create a reactive infrastructure that can increase in size when traffic is high and decrease when traffic is lower. I also helped to manage the clean switchover between serving requests from our colo to AWS with no downtime.

Whilst at blinkx I received a “Transformer Award”, this award was given to individuals who made a contribution above and beyond their normal responsibilities. It was awarded for my work and complete ownership of the blinkx API to facilitate development of other products in the company.

SoundNorfolk (2009 – Current)

I am the Co-Founder and Director of a local music website SoundNorfolk.co.uk. I developed the website, content management system and staff area. I and my Co-Founder currently run the business in our spare time. We have approximately 10 volunteers who review and photograph gigs in return for free entry and photo passes.

Aviva (October 2010 – September 2011)

I was on an industry placement at Aviva as a Trainee Insight Analyst. Most of my work was with SQL and analysis of data.

Mulberryreclaims.co.uk (Winter 2009)

I designed and developed a website with a simple bespoke CMS to advertise items for sale. This was for a small business selling architectural salvage.

Dogfish Internet Ltd (Summer 2009 – Winter 2009)

I was a part-time web developer using PHP, XHTML and CSS. This required me to deal with clients effectively allowing me to assess their needs. This also helped me to develop good time management skills as I had to work toward tight deadlines.

East of England Co-op (2006 - 2008)

I was a sales assistant during 6th Form as a weekend/evening job. This helped me to develop my people skills and helping customers.


1st Class BSc (Hons) Computer Science (with year in industry) (2008 – 2012)

University of East Anglia

Thomas Mills High School (2001-2008)

Framlingham, Suffolk

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